Johan Lorbeer: Tarzan/Standbein

As part of »The City is the Star«

As part of »The City is the Star«
In his works, performance artist Johan Lorbeer puts human perception to the test. Several meters above the ground, he conveys the image of being a weightless person. In his performance series »Tarzan/Standbein«, he simply touches a building or a wall with his hand, whereby gravity appears to be suspended.

On specific dates, Lorbeer will – by means of a performance on a construction container at the corner Lammstraße / Kaiserstraße – convince the passersby that they perceive an illusion. Whoever comes closer has the opportunity to be enlightened about the reality of his appearance by the artist himself. In contrast to the construction workers, who are occupied in the area on cranes, diggers, or rooftops in airy heights, or deep in the ground, Lorbeer has time to engage in discussion with pedestrians. In his performance, action and sculpture merge in a moving picture, which prompts viewers to reflect on the experience of the city, the space, the construction site, or simply on the general laws of physics, which, in this case, no longer appear valid.

Video Documentary:
ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Camera: onas Denzel
Editing: Jonas Denzel
Interview: Stefanie Strigl