Lynn Hershman-Leeson: Infinity Engine (2014)

Installation with objects, photographs, videos and gene lab

Installation with objects, photographs, videos and gene lab
Documentary of artworks
13.12.2014 to 06.04.2015

Installation with objects, photographs, videos and gene lab

In her latest work »The Infinity Engine« Lynn Hershman Leeson explores the mounting influence of genetic engineering on human life. The multimedia installation was developed in cooperation with biologist Josiah Zayner and references scientific gene-engineering labs. Taking the example of photographs and films on the latest achievements in molecular and cell biology, bioprinted organs as well as genetically modified organisms, the artist poses the question as to how far human intervention in DNA is ethically acceptable and what social and political impact it has.

In this context the artist also returns to the theme of identity, which appears frequently in her work. Against the background of bioprint technologies, facial recognition software and DNA programming she discusses such questions as how identities can be safeguarded in the age of genetic engineering. Thus with The Infinity Engine Hershman Leeson continues the fictional narratives of her films »Conceiving Ada« (1996) and »Teknolust« (2002), developing them further into an innovative artistic work based on real, highly topical scientific findings and technologies, and in so doing brings together art and science.

Video Documentary:

ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Camera: Martina Rotzal, Anna-Lena Vogel, Christina Zartmann
Editing: Christina Zartmann