The City is the Star – Art at the Construction Site

19.06.2015 - 27.09.2015

House suspended from a crane
Fascinating works of art are to be presented by the ZKM in Karlsruhe city center: impressive large-scale sculptures, performances and interventions by international artists. »The City is the Star« seeks to extend the aesthetics of the everyday and so-called poor materials – one of the innovations of modern art – to the construction sites and to thereby change their perception.

During the festival summer, the Karlsruhe inner city will come to resemble a monumental construction site. With their installations, sculptures and performances, the invited artists intervene in the dynamic process of the construction project. They process the construction site artistically. The machines and materials of construction work are reflected in the works of art. The question thus arises: are we dealing with an artistic installation or a construction site, with an artistic intervention or a construction project? Is it art or work? Are the people we see on the construction site artists or workers? A new genre emerges: not art at the building site, but in the process of building, construction site art.