Sound Travels on the Web

Screenshot of the web-site »Crossfade«

»Crossfade« focuses on sound as artistic medium. The purpose of this ongoing project is to contextualize and facilitate access to a diversity of sonic and musical directions, which utilize network technology as an integral part of their production. A curated space, »Crossfade« spans different aesthetic points of departure and integrates visual works with sonic constituents. New approaches towards the specific properties and artistic potential of networks as time-based technology will be at the heart of »Crossfade«, which aims at becoming a meeting-point for artists as well as audiences whose paths rarely cross, be it locally or globally, aestethically or sociologically.

The core of »Crossfade« consists of commissioned “media essays.” These may take any form presentable in the WWW, ranging from text-based with hyperlinks, to designed interfaces. Artistic projects that explore the notion of network as instrument are also featured on this site. In addition, »Crossfade« will also present live events both in physical space and online: local or global networks may be used both as productive tools or as distributive channels. In the former case, artists utilize a network as part of their performance. In the latter the global audience can tune in remotely to be part of the local audience.

»Crossfade« is a joint project of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Goethe-Institut, ZKM (Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe) and the Walker Art Center (Minneapolis). It is funded in part by the James Family Foundation.


Organization / Institution
ZKM, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; USA, Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; USA

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