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The ZKM collection and archives are unique in their specific focus on the electronic and intermedia art of the 20th and 21st century. To meet the challenges of maintaining, researching and communicating these artworks, the »Wissen – Collection, Archives & Research« department was set up in 2017.

The new department brings together the major parts of the collection – contemporary art, media art and video art – which, over previous decades, had been managed by a number of different departments. At the same time, work started on the ZKM | Archive, which manages both the institutional archive and the archives of artists and theoreticians that ZKM has acquired over the years. One of the short-term objectives is to create the best possible conditions for working with the artworks and documents – for both researchers and members of the public, both on-site and online.

The Collection, Archives, Library, and the Laboratory for Antiquated Video Systems together have the wide-ranging and highly specialist expertise needed for a technical and professional approach to the objects in the ZKM Collection and Archives. This expertise is enhanced by close cooperation with restorers and technicians from the »Museum and Exhibition Technical Services« department.


The ZKM collection includes works from the 20th and 21st centuries.


The archive contains the acquired archives - papers and papers of artists and theorists - as well as the institutional archive of the ZKM.


Approximately 60,000 books and digital data carriers await you in the joint library of ZKM and the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG).

Media Lounge

The Media Lounge offers ideal conditions for reading, learning together, discussing, and discovering the ZKM video and audio collection.

Laboratory for antiquated video systems

Since 2004, the Laboratory for Antiquated Video Systems has been restoring and digitizing video art and making it available for research, exhibitions and publications.

Restoration of electronic and digital art

The Wissen and Museum and Exhibition Technology departments work together to preserve the electronic and digital works of art in the collection.

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