cosmos³ - Verklärte Nacht (2/4)
Thu, January 11, 2007 8 pm CET, Theater
Following the sensational success of the artist rosalie’s light installation at the Donauesching Music Festival 2006, the ZKM will now present her latest work, based on Arnold Schönberg’s compositions “Transfigured Night and Pierrot Lunaire”, as the start to the anniversary celebration “10 Years ZKM in Hall A” in co-operation with the Staatstheater Stuttgart.
With Schönberg and his “Pierrot Lunaire” melodrama, the listener is set on a quest for lost utopias. Coming out of musical Romanticism, “Transfigured Night” and “Pierrot Lunaire” together point to a future art of composition. With “Pierrot Lunaire”, a cycle for voice and small orchestra, Schönberg’s great venture in the genre of melodrama was crowned with success. Set between all the disciplines of music and drama, free from musical convention, previous guidelines and bonds, “Pierrot” is an absolutely key work.
Conditions of the light installation. The luminary landscape designed by rosalie is "terra incognita". A valid attempt at the authentic interpretation of this work must therefore also become something different. It requires of the interpreter that he creates a dream situation of reflection. Always to take a step into still unfamiliar, new territory. Rosalie’s light landscape attempts to visualize this new territory.

Light installation and costumes rosalie artistic director of the Stuttgarter Kammerorchester Michael Hofstetter recitation Olivia Stahn, Marietta Meguid artistic collaboration Hasko Weber dramaturge Wolfgang Hofer.
Organization / Institution
Schauspiel Staatstheater Stuttgart ; Stuttgarter Kammerorchester