Sebastian Zimmerhackl and Manuel Roßner: My Mixed Reality brings all the Toys to the Yard

Friday, March 2, 2018

Largely based on nowadays digital infrastructure, Manuel Roßner and Sebastian Zimmerhackl develop a curatorial and artistic approach which makes use of virtual spaces, worldwide instant communication and omnipresent devices. In their talk they give an insight into their version of a contemporary cultural practice. One of the evolving formats was »The Internet Is Present 1–3« which Sebastian ran in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Amsterdam. One exhibitions of the trilogy featured artworks that were accessible on the visitors smartphones through local wifi. Another project is Float Gallery, where Manuel invites artists and curators to do shows in digital gallery spaces, which are visited worldwide on the browser or with Virtual Reality glasses. This practice also resulted in the construction of a virtual extension building for NRW-Forum Düsseldorf.

International exchange with the like minded not only online but also in physical gatherings is another focus of their approach: Therefore they participated and co-produced residencies such as the Eternal Internet Sister/Brotherhood #5 in Sri Lanka and HowToWater #1 in Serifos Island (Greece) and NEO New York.


Manuel Rossner (FLOAT.GALLERY)

Manuel Roßner is an artists and curator. In 2012 he started Float Gallery, where the classical white cube is extended to the digital realm. In 2016 he created a virtual extension building for NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, which is accessible through Virtual Reality glasses. He co-curated the first show »unreal« with the museums director Alain Bieber. His focus is on the disruptive effects of VR and Artificial Intelligence on spatial experiences and the notion of architecture.

Manuel Roßner

Born 1989. Lives and works in Berlin

Recent Exhibitions

  • »Perception is Reality«, Frankfurter Kunstverein, 7.10.17 — 7.01.18
  • »When Machines Are Dreaming«, Technische Sammlungen Dresden, 21.10. — 14.11.17
  • »Imagine: Universal Basic Income«, Import Projects/Online, Berlin, 27.09.17
  • »インフラ INFRA«, Festival in Tokyo
  • »unreal«, NRW-Forum, Düsseldorf
  • »Ultralight Beam«, 1822-Forum x Float Gallery, Frankfurt (solo)


SELAM X (Sebastian Zimmerhackl)

Selam X is a Design studio specialized in visual communication for clients from art and culture until commercial projects.
From Berlin and Hamburg we work in the field of music, fashion, lifestyle and art to provide individual design strategies for our clients.
Our scope ranges from design consultancy, art direction and visual identity to webdesign, animation and coding.

Sebastian Zimmerhackl

Born 1981. Lives and works in Berlin

Recent Exhibitions

  • »Imagine: Universal Basic Income«, Import Projects/Online, Berlin, 27.09.17
  • »The Internet Is Present #1-3«, 2015–2016
  • »A_Data_A_Day«, 2012 - Ongoing