Curator’s tour »Ed and Urs Kiënder. Roll-Objects. From Space-Pictures to Rolling Spaces«
You can see the side profile of two men, which are offset from each other.
Sat, November 07, 2020 3 pm – 4 pm CET, Guided Tour

More than 50 years after the last solo exhibition, the curator Frederik Schikowski invites you to rediscover the highly diverse body of work of Ed and Urs Kiënder from 1956 to 1973. In addition to informal and monochrome paintings, the exhibition also shows Op and Pop Art as well as media and process art.

Many of the approximately 80 works are characterized by the Kiënders' trademark - the roll. Another characteristic element is the »exit from the image« (Laszlo Glozer), which was significant for that time. This includes expanding into the surrounding space, movement, and audience participation, which is made possible, for example, in the walk-in »Raumbild« [Space Picture] (1961) and the usable »Laufrolle« [Running Wheel] (1968/1970).


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