Assembly for Permicircular Museums: »Towards terrestrial practices in exhibition-making«

moderated by Daria Mille and Matthias Gommel

moderated by Daria Mille and Matthias Gommel
moderated by Daria Mille and Matthias Gommel

The ecological footprint of art institutions can be reduced through a more responsible approach towards exhibition-making. This session will focus on sharing exhibition-making practices that follow a more sustainable way of production, thus highlighting the importance of taking responsibility for the environmental impact of institutions’ own action. This section will present case studies by experts in the field who practice these approaches but will also address obstacles to the process of ecologizing art museums. The event opens a space for discussion, exchange, and sharing between professionals in the art sector, also involving learning from experience of other types of museum institutions.


Ianina Prudenko and Alexei Shulgin (co-founders of »Art Footprint Manifesto«)

Graciela Melitsko Thornton (Creative Green Programme Lead, Julie’s Bicycle, London) 

Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin (design studio Formafantasma, Amsterdam)

Helen Turner and Pablo Wendel (Co-Artistic Directors, E-WERK Luckenwalde)

and an activation by Benoît Verjat (research designer)