Damian Dziwis | Live-Coding Performance: »α|0› + β|1›«

AI Superpower: China, USA, Europe?

AI Superpower: China, USA, Europe?
AI Superpower: China, USA, Europe?

How has Artificial Intelligence developed as a technology in recent years? What are the implications of China's rise to a leading science nation in the field of AI? How can AI become a competitive advantage in Germany and Europe?

The CyberForum, KIT, Karlsruhe.ai and ZKM invite you to an event that will address the most important aspects of the current debate on AI and discuss them from the perspective of Germany and China.

Live-coding performance by Damian Dziwis »α|0› + β|1›«

Recently, a leaked paper from Google pointed out that their research team has for the first time achieved the so-called "quantum supremacy", i.e. the significant superiority of a quantum computer over the fastest known classical computer. A milestone in the history of quantum computers and the beginning of a new information age. But the new era of quantum computers also presents artists and composers with a world of possibilities yet to be discovered in the field of generative art and algorithmic composition - »α|0› + β|1›« (the formula for the linear combination of two qubits and their basic status) shows the real-time, cloud-based, live coding on IBM's quantum computer Q and the subsequent bonification of the measurement results of the programmed quantum circuits.

Video documentary:

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Camera: Andy Koch, Peter Müller
Editing: Xenia Leidig