The new art experience in the digital age

The new art experience in the digital age
The ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe is scheduled to present a new, multipolar format art exhibition in 2015 – a polyphone event extending over a 300 day period: the GLOBALE. It begins on June 2015 and will run till mid-April, 2016.

Globalisation and digitalisation are continually changing the world in an ever-increasing way. These are the most important prerequisites for our present and our future.

The new art format, the GLOBALE – the new art experience in the digital world – which begins with the 300-year anniversary of the city of Karlsruhe in June 2015 and will run for 300 days until mid-April 2016, will broach the cultural effects of globalisation and digitalisation.

A polyphonic sequence of manifestations in various formats such as exhibitions, concerts, performances, lectures, conferences and symposiums will investigate the reciprocal influences and challenges of various cultures and the way in which globalisation and digitalisation are changing the world.

The exhibition will not remain static but change over the course of months. By including Arabic, Asiatic, South American, Australian and African partners, non-hierarchical, multi-polar new art emerges, thus presenting multi-facetted contemporary global production for the first time in an ideologically undistorted form.