GLOBALE: Flusser Talks

​Flusser and the Artists

​Flusser and the Artists
Art and artists formed an integral aspect in the development of Vilém Flusser‘s communicology. Hence, the second round of discussions presents two artists who personally worked in close collaboration with Flusser: Louis Bec and Fred Forest, as well as a contemporary artist who belonged to the generation of speculative anatomists, Pinar Yoldas – an artist strongly influenced by Flusser’s work, above all by his collaboration with Louis Bec on the work »Vampyroteuthis infernalis«. Participating in the discussion group are:

Marcel René Marburger (among other things, author of »Flusser und die Kunst«)
Louis Bec (co-author of »Vampyroteuthis infernalis«)
Fred Forest
Pinar Yoldas

Video Documentary:
ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Camera: Martina Rotzal, Christina Zartmann
Editing: Sarah Binder