IMA | lab No. 11. Gespräch mit Benedikt Schiefer


Benedikt Schiefer, born in Rosenheim in 1978, studied composing in Munich and Basel, and is active as composer, sound artist, performer, and producer. The multi-instrumentalist, who lives in Basel and Berlin, is a virtuoso and authentic border-crosser between classical and contemporary music. He plays percussion in the Afro-funk band that he founded in 2004, Castor Pollux & The Soul Department, publishes electronic productions under the pseudonym “Ben Hereth,” and performs as laptop musician. In addition to music for numerous films, stage productions, and installations, Schiefer also developed the sound concept and design for the Swiss Pavilion at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai. During his studies, he was awarded the Richard Strauss Stipendium by the City of Munich in 2000, and the Prix de la Création musical at the Festival Premier Plans in Anger in 2004. He was among the nominees for last year’s Prix France Musique SACEM de la musique de film and received the Giga-Hertz Prize for Electronic Music from ZKM. In addition, Benedikt Schiefer also won the German Film Critic’s Prize in the category “best film music.”

In a conversation with Ludger Brümmer, composer Benedikt Schiefer will grant a look into his current production. As the Giga Hertz prize winner 2011, Schiefer worked on his composition “Azoth oder das große Werk” at ZKM. Based on selected sound pieces, Schiefer will clarify the approaches he takes to composing, and his artistic-aesthetic themes.