Kinship as a Verb – Ecophilia Reading Group
hellgrüne Schrift auf einem Foto von dunklen Baumkronen, durch die Sonnenlicht scheint
Di, 27.09.2022 19:00 – 20:30 Uhr CEST, Workshop
Sprache: Englisch

With registration - limited number of participants!

The Ecophilia Reading Group invites you to dive into the meshwork of multi-species relationships, where kinship is not something given but a result of reciprocal giving and taking. Learning from indigenous concepts of kincentric ecologies we will explore the ethics and response-abilities that are embedded in modes of becoming-with and worlding together. 

In this group we meet to read together, share perspectives and exchange knowledges in the ongoing ecological, climate and social crises. Texts from a diversity of fields and genres combined with somatic and imaginative exercises open a critical zone for discussions on biocultural diversities, interdependencies and multi-species relationships in more-than-human ecologies.

Session #6: healing communities

In this last session of our ecophilia reading group, we return to thinking with roots (session #1). And while the first falling leaves nurture the ground, we will attend to the generosities and the intergenerational care structures of the tree communities around us, and to forest as wired for wisdom, sentience, and healing. The reading will consist excerpts from „Finding the Mother tree: Wisdom of the forest“ by Suzanne Simard (2021), amongst others (tba).

The group is hosted by artist and post-disciplinary researcher Sybille Neumeyer.

The readings and discussions will be held in English language.
Open to participants from all disciplines.

Digital requirements: Internet access, video conferencing capability (computer camera and microphone). The reading group will be hosted on zoom. We will send you the Zoom link shortly before the workshop begins.



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