Jonáš Gruska

Der Klangkünstler und Musiker Jonáš Gruska während seines Auftritts im ZKM-Kubus im Rahmen des Festivals »Sonic Experiments« im Juli 2015.
Geburtsjahr, Ort
Bratislava, Slowakei
lebt und arbeitet in
Bratislava, Slowakei
Rolle am ZKM
Institut / Abteilung
Institut für Musik und Akustik
  • 2015
Born in Czechoslovakia. Studied at Institute of Sonology in The Hague (Netherlands) and at Music Academy in Cracow (Poland). Works mostly with computers and electronics as a musician and sound artist under his civil name, or as Mrkva or Binmatu. He has authored interactive poems and visual performances, and is also a developer of musical instruments, artistic software and hardware. Gave workshops on city sonification, field recording, printed circuit board design, and programming for artists. Jonas has also been active part of various Gamelan orchestras in Netherlands, currently rehearsing with orchestra based in Bratislava.

Performed and exhibited his work in Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden; on festivals such as Kraak (Belgium), Norberg (Sweden), Audio Art (Poland), Mélos-Ethos (Slovakia) or Next (Slovakia). In 2009 he started label LOM focused on East/Central European experimental art and music. Since 2013 he is organizing ZVUK, outdoor festival dedicated to experimental music