»The Dream I Had«

von Carmen Bouyer und Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro

I will tell you a dream that I had.
We can all close our eyes now and take a step into the dream.

In the dream, the museum is a body.
The orchard is another body.
Collective, open, multiple.
We are inside the big black museum and the museum is inside us.
We are inside the trees and the trees are inside us.
Feel the birds, nesting in your chest.

Our roots meet each other.
Our roots growing, pushing, tangling under the ground.
In deep soil. In deep soul.
Collective intelligence.
Nested networks.
Pollen in wind like veins of gold.
Veins in our bodies.
Threads of light. Threads of life.

Interbeing communication.
Rhythm of our breath.
All nurtured by sunlight.
Trees, animals, fruits.

The museum. The orchard.
Two bodies connected.
Skin to skin.
We’re the go-between. We’re the caretakers. We’re the caregivers. We’re the students.
Unlearning the city. Learning from the ancient, and the ever new.

We’re walking there. We’re walking there now.
Tools in hands.
Your skin remembers the forest. Your skin knows.
Remember the branches, remember the soil and the taste of the fruits.
Getting closer now.
Tools and empowerment.
Blades of regeneration.
Restore – another kind of art.

We’re walking there. We’re walking there now.
Our skins getting closer.

May this practice be also a personal pruning for each of us.
A cleaning of old branches for new buds to grow.
A pruning for the world.

Humbling – let go of old branches!
Lightening – let air circulate!
Communing – let’s welcome spring!

Off we go now. Skin on skin. Tools in hand. Learning to unlearn. Together