The Karlsruhe palace facade in gold
Sat, June 20, 2015 – Sat, September 26, 2015
One of the highlights of the Karlsruhe city birthday festivities will be the »Schlosslichtspiele«, a nightly series of light shows curated as part of the GLOBALE, which will illuminate the entire southern facade of the Karlsruhe Palace with lavish projections accompanied by sound installations. The »Schlosslichtspiele« are a cooperation of KA300 and the ZKM. The project is sponsored by Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg eG.​

The castle is located at the center of the fan shape that underlies the Karlsruhe city plan. With its expansive grounds and the surrounding park, it represents one of the most important architectural attractions in Karlsruhe. The Schlosslichtspiele now place it center stage in a special way. Over a duration of four months, various renowned artists and artist groups will present their light projections after dark. Advanced video mappings allude to the facade, the building, and the city – creating surprising and overpowering visual forms and narratives. Special attention will be paid to the interaction between the audience and the play of lights. Games and movements will coordinate them in a choreography conceptualized by the artists.

Screening Dates of the Schlosslichtspiele


June/July August 1–14 August 15–Sept 4 Sept 5–17 Sept 18–26
Sun–Thurs 10 pm–12 midnight 9:30 pm–12 midnight 9 pm–12 midnight 8:30 pm–12 midnight 08:30 pm–12 midnight
Fri–Sat 10 pm–1 am 9:30 pm–1 am 9 pm–1 am 8:30 pm–1 am 08:30 pm–1 am



26.9.   Schlosslichtspiele Special
  08:30 pm Maxin10sity: »300 Fragments«
  08:45 pm KA300 presents: »300 Farben – Live-Painting on the Castle´s Façade«
  09:10 pm Playmodes Studio: »Dazz«
  09:25 pm KA300 presents: »300 Farben – Live-Painting on the Castle´s Façade«
  09:50 pm Xenorama: »Oneironaut«
  10:05 pm KA300 presents: »300 Farben – Live-Painting on the Castle´s Façade«
  11:00 pm Slide-Show: Pictures of the Festival Summer
  8:30 pm Maxin10sity:»300 Fragments«
  8:55 pm Jesper Wachtmeister / Solaris Filmproduktion: »Reflections«
  9:10 pm »noise3«
  9:25 pm Holger Förterer: »Epilogue«
  9:35 pm Xenorama: »Oneironaut«
  9:55 pm László Zsolt Bordos / Bordos.ArtWorks: »REVERB«
  10:05 pm Peter Weibel and Matthias Gommel: »FLICK_KA«
  10:10 pm Playmodes Studio: »Dazz«
  10:25 pm PONG.LI: »Capture the Pyramide«
  10:40 pm Maxin10sity: »300 Fragments«
  11:05 pm Jesper Wachtmeister / Solaris Filmproduktion: »Reflections«
  11:20 pm »noise3«
  11:35 pm Holger Förterer: »Epilogue«
  11:45 pm Xenorama: »Oneironaut«
  00:05 am László Zsolt Bordos / Bordos.ArtWorks: »REVERB«
  00:10 am Peter Weibel and Matthias Gommel: »FLICK_KA«
  00:20 am Playmodes Studio: »Dazz«
  00:35 am PONG.LI: »Capture the Pyramide«
– Subject to change –
Exhibitions team
  • Project management ZKM: Nina Wlodarczyk, Daria Mille, Jan Gerigk
  • Project assistance ZKM: Anna Sahli
  • ​Project management KA300: Christine Böhm
Organization / Institution
ZKM | Karlsruhe & Stadtmarketing Karlsruhe GmbH – KA300

A project as part of the city birthday – 300 years Karlsruhe –