MyCity, MySounds: Nicolas Melmann


Musician and sound artist Nicolas Melmann enables a reflection on the Jewish diaspora and developed an installation based on characteristic sounds within which he thematically picks up on the migration movements of the Jewish people in the European states. 

The project's itinerary is based on a study conducted by the IWO FOUNDATION on migration movements and the multiple expulsions and persecutions of the Jewish people. With the app »MyCity, MySounds«, one of Melmann's project goals is to explore the city of Karlsruhe in search of Jewish life in the city and to recreate the path of the Jewish diaspora, symbolically representing an important part of the history of the Jewish people and its culture through sound.

The Artist-in-Residence-Program »MyCity, MySounds« is part of the project »Interfaces« and is supported by the »Creative Europe« program of the European Union.

Video documentary:

ZKM | Videostudio

Camera: Sabrina Bell, Andy Koch
Editing: Sabrina Bell, Christina Zartmann
Sound recording: Benjamin Miller
Sound editing: Anton Kossjanenko