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Black pixels, which condense inside. In the middle is »GLOBALE« written
Stones and buckets on a white podium
A dancer wrapped in plastic wrap
A lot of different things
A machine on a table drawing records.
A man stands in front of a picture and talks about it
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Just like the GLOBALE is dedicated to the digital change in terms of its content, the exhibition format is also a polyphonic and multipolar event, constantly in process, a laboratory and academy at the same time. For this reason, the exhibitions of the GLOBALE are supplemented by a multitude and variety of performances, research presentations and film screenings, readings and lectures, performances, campaigns, concerts and conferences. They deal with the two major fields of globalisation and digitalisation that are currently making massive changes to the life of mankind on Earth. 

Take a look here at the events that took place as part of the GLOBALE in 2015-2016.


Collage of different ZKM exhibitions
Collage of different ZKM exhibitions
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