by Aslaug Holm (Norway, 2015)

Aslaug Holm »Brothers«

Markus (14) and Lukas (11) are two brothers living in an old, yellow urban house in the middle of Oslo, a paradise in the heart of the city;  growing up with dreams and aspirations for the future. Markus loves soccer, having played since he was five years old, and he wants to become a professional player. For him, Liverpool is the only team, and they are the best. In ”Brothers,” we witness his struggle and his passion to achieve his goals. Lukas is the philosophical one of the two brothers. He loves to think on all kinds of topics and has a lot of doubts–about the world, about himself, and about everything there is. For example: “Mama, what happens with my dreams after my death, will they be still alive?”

This close and personal documentary is filmed by the mother of Markus and Lukas. Aslaug Holm is a director as well as a cinematographer and wants to introduce us to the authentic world of her children and discover with them the truth and primordial life. Over the course of ten years, she filmed her sons. The result is a graceful, philosophical reflection on childhood, fraternity, life, and growing older; it is as poetic as it is realistic, as well as a felicitous and personal homage to Andrei Tarkovsky. The film was awarded with the most important Norwegian film award, “Amanda,” in 2015.