Ana Dishlieska Mitova: Philosophical Film Festival

Promoting Dialogue between Philosophy and Film in Macedonia


Филозофски Филмски Фестивал / Philosophical Film Festival is a unique film festival that lives on the crossroads between philosophy and film and is held annually in the Republic of Macedonia. On one side, the festival tries to promote the idea of film as a medium which can provoke philosophical thought and illustrate philosophical ideas. On the other, it aims to trigger aesthetical analysis’ and investigations into film language as a form sui generis and empower young filmmakers and film workers to reflect on key concepts, questions and ideas in order to translate them into the visual language of cinema.

The Festival has started in 2010 as a student initiative on the Philosophical Faculty, “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University - Skopje, Macedonia and in the past six years it has grown to a festival which is held in the Cinematheque of Macedonia with a few big partner institutions helping its organization, and in 2016 realised with the support from the City of Skopje.