Huang Hsin-Chien


Hsin-Chien Huang is a new media creator with backgrounds in art, design, engineer and digital entertainment. His career endeavor explores cutting edge technologies in art, literature, design and stage performing.


Some of his career highlights are listed as follows::


1994New Voices New Visions International Multimedia Competition, Grand Prize
1995Interactive CD ROM Puppet Motel, Laurie Anderson with Hsin-Chien Huang
1996Interval Research, Research on Generative Music and Interface
1997-9SEGA & Sony (SCEA) Art Director for Dreamcast Launch Title
2004Jay Chou Concert Visual Design
2009National Palace Museum, Future Museum, Interactive Installation (AAM Muse Award)

World Expo Shanghai, Taipei Pavilion, Biosphere Interactive Installation


International Flora Expo, Dream Pavilion, The Journey of Paragenesis Installation


Wakin Chau's "Jiang Hu" Launch Concert, Visual and Stage Design

2013101/World Trade Center Station,Taipei MRT Public Art "The Moment We Meet"

Jody's Farewell Concert Visual Design


SIGGRAPH Los Angles, Real-Time Live Opening Performing with Real-time Mocap Interaction

2017Best VR Experience Award, Venice Film Festival, La Camera Insabbiata (Laurie with Hsin-Chien)

His projects often involve large-scale interaction, performing, mechanical apparatus, algorithmic computations and video installations. Huang is also the director of the Digital Content and Technologies Program in National Cheng Chi University, and commits to the teaching of cross-discipline collaboration and STEAM education.

Hsin-Chien graduated from National Taiwan University with two book-coupon awards. Then he studied industrial design in Art Center College of Design and Illinois Institute of Technology for master degree in design with Moholy Nagy scholarship. After graduation, He collaborated with world-renowned multimedia artist Laurie Anderson on her interactive project "Puppet Motel" and "Here". Huang has also been a researcher on interactive music in Interval Research Corporation. Afterward Huang devoted himself to the digital entertainment industry. He worked as Art Director at Sega and Sony Computer Entertainment and developed game titles "Geist Force" and "Kinetica".

Hsin-Chien's art works has been exhibited in galleries, art museums and art fairs throughout the world. The art events and venues include Taipei Fine Art Museum, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Venice Biennale, MOMA, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Denmark, Shanghai Biennale, OK Center in Linz, Beijing 798, Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Gana Art Gallery and 404 Festival of Electronic Art in Argentina, among others. Hsin-Chien has also been commissioned to create projects for the National Palace Museum, Mogao Caves VR Experience, Singer Jay Chou's Concert, Wakin Chau "Jiang Hu" Launch Ceremony, Jody Chiang's farewell Concert, Taipei Pavilion in the Shanghai Expo, and Pavilion of Dreams in the Taipei Floral Expo. Huang's public arts can be seen at Taipei including "Listening" at Huilong , "Our Personal Public Art" at Nankang Exhibition Hall , "The Moment We Meet" at Taipei's World Trade Center and "Window of Heaven, Mirror of the Traveler" at the Taipei Railway Station.

He has received grants and support from numerous institutions including Ministry of Culture Taiwan, the National Culture and Arts Foundation, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, HTC VR Division and National Center for High-performance Computing. In addition, he is a contributor to the SIGGRAPH, Transmediale, International Symposium on Wearable Computers, the Creators Project, Taiwan Public Television and 404 Festival. He was a speaker at Unity's Unite and AR/VR Vision Summit, Cornell University and TEDxTaipei.

Hsin-Chien was awarded the grand prize of "New Voices, New Vision" new media competition in 1994, the Muse Award of America Association of Museum in 2009, and the Light of Taiwan's Honor from Taiwan's President Ma in 2011, the Fifth Public Art Award from the Ministry of Culture Taiwan in 2016, Best VR Experience in 74 Venice Film Festival.