Laurel Halo

Die Musikerin und Produzentin Laurel Halo während ihres Auftritts im ZKM-Kubus im Rahmen des Festivals »Sonic Experiments« im Juli 2015.
Geburtsjahr, Ort
Ann Arbor, Michigan, Vereinigte Staaten
lebt und arbeitet in
Michigan, USA ; Berlin, Deutschland
Rolle am ZKM
Institut / Abteilung
Institut für Musik und Akustik
  • 2015
Laurel Halo is a recording artist carving out a visceral space in American electronic music. Her work reveals influence from the music of her home state of Michigan; in it techno, soul and outer electronics commute through a bleak, yet optimistic digital landscape. Drawn to the uncanny, unsettling elements become cathartic and sensual for Halo, while the physical process and impact of time are reoccurring motifs. While revered for her recordings, Halo is equally native on stage and has toured extensively across Europe and the United States. An adept improviser and soundsmith, her live sets are heavy, looming and aggressive; rhythms churn beneath walls of colorful synth, chaotic samples and noise; techno and house influences are brought to the fore, and commune with drifting, disorienting soundscapes.