new.New Festival – Main Stage
Grün eingefärbte Abbildung des ZKM mit Cubus im Vordergrund
Di, 20.09.2016 – Do, 22.09.2016

Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2016

10 UhrWelcome @CODE_n new.New Festival

Official welcome speech of the new.New Festival 2016 - Ulrich Dietz and Prof. Dr. Weibel welcome all visitors, startups and partners.

Peter Weibel  Chairman and CEO | ZKM - Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe | Jury Member
Ulrich DietzInitiator of CODE_n and founder & CEO | GFT Technologies SE | Jury Member
10:20 UhrThe Connected Body - making humans a part of the Internet of Things

The world of smart connected devices is exploding around us. With a NFC chip implant, our interaction with the world of technology becomes a lot easier. And even greater things are waiting around the corner.

Christopher Coenen  Senior Researcher | KIT-ITAS
Enno ParkChairperson | Cyborgs e.V.
Hannes SjobladFounder | BioNyfiken
Stephan DörnerChief Editor of | Yeebase Media Gmb
Susanna HertrichArtist and Researcher
11 Uhr

Dare to be audacious! Expansive thinking may get you anywhere

 What gas stations have to do with toothbrushes  a love story on –embracing big thinking ideas to solve the unexpected or unsolvable.
An adapted version of Jens’ TED talk on failure, creativity, and love.
Jens Redmer   Principal, New Products | Google
11:20 Uhr

Innovation & Growth in the Ecosystem: Big Player Meets Start-up


It is in digital ecosystems that growth will take place in the future – for German key industries and global players alike. But how is this growth achieved in new value networks centered on customer needs? The key to success is the cooperation between large companies and innovative start-ups. This is what our Sprint Chat “Growth in the Ecosystem: Big Player meets Start-up” will focus on by discussing the importance

  • of open innovation in today’s digital world
  • potential that lies in the cooperation – for both established companies and start-ups
  • new business models that emerge from the cooperation
  • prerequisites for successful collaboration of these two inherently different types of companies
  • potential pitfalls that occur when two fundamentally different cultures meet
  • role of the individual in this scenario and how all of it changes the way companies work
Bruno GinnuthCo-founder & CEO | CleverShuttle
Frank Riemensperger   Senior Managing Director (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) | Accenture | Jury Member
Martina MerzNon-Executive Director in companies listed in Sweden, Belgium and Germany | Jury Member
Uli HuenerHead of Innovation Management | EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
11:40 UhrCrowdsourcing the Hyperloop
 Is it possible to crowdsource a massive project like the hyperloop? Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. is doing just that. Leveraging technology and a 480+ team of global experts, it is bringing disruptive innovation to the transportation industry.
Dirk AhlbornCEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. and the Founder and CEO of JumpStarter Inc. | Hyperloop Transportation Technologies
18 UhrCODE_n After Work
18:30 UhrDIGITAL@BW - Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft 4.0
 Keynote by Winfried Kretschmann, Minister President of the state of Baden-Württemberg

Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2016

10 Uhr

Brain the Information. Deep understanding vs. deep learning.


Disruption is right around the corner – and everybody’s searching for the creative minds, new ideas and innovative products to come up with the next big thing. But in fact, the brain is still the one and only organization able to develop something truly new.

But how does the brain organize new ideas? Why are analogous ways of thinking much more powerful than digital informational processing? And what can companies and knowledge workers extract from neurobiology to improve their own creative prowess?

Henning Beck takes a look behind the scenes of the most flawed but also most innovative system in the world. Strictly hierarchical – without a CEO. Completely inefficient – but more powerful than any kind of supercomputer. An effective network thinker – more agile than any optimized company you know of.

A scientific prompt for thinking erroneously, inefficiently, and thereby most innovatively.

Henning Beck  Neuroscientist and Author
10:20 Uhr

Back to the Future of Connected Mobility


Faraday Future, Anki, Bestmile – never heard of these startups? Well you better look them up!

The way we travel around will dramatically change and many startups are already laying the ground for disruptive and innovative developments in the field of connected mobility. We invited a special guest to get first hand insights about connected mobility in 2036. Come join us to this fun and entertaining experience of the future today.

Bernd GillHead of Service Innovation | Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Ulrich Pfeiffer   Director and Regional Chief Technologist Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software EMEA | Hewlett Packard Enterprise
10:50 Uhr

Diversity & Competitiveness – The Female Factor of Digital Disruption


We still view digitization primarily in terms of how it relates to machines and business. However, people are also a part of this digital journey. Especially in the technology sector, it becomes ever clearer that there is an immense reservoir of talent out there, and women are all too frequently overlooked.

So why are our companies having trouble attracting the right talent? What potential are we missing out on here, and why does the "female factor" play such a crucial role in the age of digital disruption and transformation? How can, and should, companies respond to this challenge?

Andrea PfundmeierFounder & CEO | Secomba GmbH
Frank Riemensperger   Senior Managing Director (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) | Accenture | Jury Member
Marika LulayChief Operating Officer | GFT Technologies SE
Martina MerzNon-Executive Director in companies listed in Sweden, Belgium and Germany | Jury Member
11:20 Uhr

Top 10 Startup Pitches


Be there when our Top 10 CODE_n16 Finalists present their disruptive business models in front of the expert jury live on Main Stage.

The winner of this years CODE_n CONTEST will be announced in the evening during the CODE_n Award Show.

18:30 UhrCODE_n Award Show

Who has the most ingenious way to unleash digital disruption? Find out at the CODE_n16 Award Show! Be part of this extraordinary night when the best startups will be announced. The cluster patrons and the jury will crown one startup as the best in each cluster, as well as one overall winner.

All you need to join the Award Show is a valid festival ticket for this day. Meet the digital pioneers and enjoy an exciting evening.


Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2016

10:00 Uhr

Startups | location development | ecosystems


One underestimated key to success for startups is the choice of location. The site of a startup determines whether it has access to needed resources. Additional, several cities and regions offer help for prospective entrepreneurs from which they can benefit. Influential startup hotspots have been established but smaller areas are following.

What can cities and regions do to become more attractive for founders?  What needs to be done to create supporting ecosystems and how can those provide help for young enterprise? Get to know how location development for startups is processing and what needs to be done to improve the attractiveness of a location.

Christian Roth    Managing Director | LEA Partners GmbH
Clark ParsonsManaging Director | Internet Economy Foundation
Jackson BondCo-founder and Head of Product and Marketing | relayr GmbH
Joachim Dorfs
Editor in chief | Stuttgarter Zeitung Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
10:40 Uhr

Code of Light - Merging real and virtual Worlds


Germany enjoys success in the very competitive global market for advanced light technology. The name of this field, “photonics,” is a portmanteau blending the word “photons” (the particles that make up light) and “electronics.” Photonics spans optical processes in manufacturing, medicine, and communications, as well as electronic light generation by LEDs and OLEDs.

The German Photonics Research program founded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) promotes innovative technology solutions. In his role as the official speaker for the program’s committee, Dr. Ing. e.h. Peter Leibinger – Vice-Chairman of the Managing Board at TRUMPF GmbH + Co.KG – addresses topics ranging from the opportunities for digitalization that photonics presents to the challenges facing the industry as technologies and business models change.

“Photonics has what it takes to be disruptive,” states Leibinger. “That’s why it is a cluster theme here at CODE_n. Because this sector of industry relies on people who are open to new things, willing to take a chance, extremely well-educated, and show tenacity and persistence.”

Peter Leibinger  Vice Chairman & President Laser and Electronics Division | TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG | Jury Member
11 Uhr

Report from Silicon Valley


Christoph Keese   

Executive Vice President | Axel Springer SE

11:20 Uhr

Design Thinking: Pushing the Creative Power of Teams


While digital information and communication technologies continue to evolve rapidly and spread globally, we think and act mostly still in an old, analog, silo based linear sorting and dividing mode, the „Brockhaus-mode“. At the HPI School of Design Thinking, students and professionals learn to move out of their silos, to collaborate and create solutions in a multidisciplinary cooperative environment. The result: participants gain creative confidence, develop user centered solutions, start companies and change fundamentally their working modes.Prof. Ulrich Weinberg will share some of his insight throughout the past eight years which made him write his latest book „Network Thinking“.

Ulrich Weinberg  Director School of Design Thinking | Hasso-Plattner-Institut
11:40 UhrHow Digital Pictures change our Perception of Reality

Armin opens a window into the colourful world of 3D-visualisation and digital effects - surprises us about the “truth” of what we believe is “real” and shares with us what he believes will be our “digital reality” in future.

Armin Pohl   CEO | Mackevision Medien Design GmbH