Pablo Yuri Rail Santana: The Real and Reality

Philosophical Reflections on Politics and Image in Patricio Guzman


This paper discusses an overview of the memory of Latin American documentary film focusing on Patricio Guzman, from a philosophical analysis about his film work, especially his trilogy »The Battle of Chile« depicting the Rise and fall of Salvador Allende with the coup led by Augusto Pinochet. Guzman is considered one of the most important filmmakers who emerged in the context of film movements that had a strong influence by the leftist thought in Latin America during the 60's and 70's.

We present an approach that takes as its starting point the concept of the interpretations of the problems discussed in his work through the symbiosis of critical interconnection of philosophy and film analysis. This essay contextualizes the reader of Latin American political issues dealt with by the imagery look Chilean director who served as the basis for building a film narrative structure.

Guzman, who in the course of its history in the cinema, always guided by building a search path for a more just and equitable society. He remained faithful to the ideals that motivated him since his youth in his effervescent Chile. This preliminary study deals with a short introduction to the lexicon of the discussions raised within the Chilean and Latin American policy by Guzman, thereby addressing dilemmas about some concepts such as »What is truth?« and »What is reality?« In a Latin American cinematic context.