Freo Majer

Portrait von Freo Majer

Freo Majer is the founder and artistic director of Forecast, an international mentorship program that transcends disciplines and geographical locations to connect cultural practitioners with renowned mentors.

Trained as an opera director, Majer looks back at a career as a director and producer in European theaters, opera houses, and at festivals, including at Mainz State Theater, Lucerne Theater, Bremen Theater, and the international festival »Theater der Welt«. Driven by his own experience, and recognizing a gap in the type of support available to cultural workers, he changed paths and founded Forecast in 2015.

Together with curators and festival directors from various European cities, he initiated the interdisciplinary research project »Housing the Human« (2017-2019). In 2020, Majer began a three-year collaboration with ZKM and HfG in Karlsruhe and the National Academy of Science and Engineering acatech, developing prototypes on the eco-social research program »Driving the Human«.