Vivien Tauchmann

Portrait von Vivien Tauchmann

Vivien Tauchmann is a designer and researcher, exploring socio-political relations through an embodied and kinaesthetic approach. By positioning the human body as relational material, she seeks to expose and confront aspects of man-made infrastructures and subvert processes that seem to constitute social and cultural boundaries of power and injustice. Her on-going project »Self-As-Other-Trainings« was part of different workshops and events, amongst others at »Stay LIVE at Home!« by Performistanbul, »INSIST 2« at KU Leuven and »the new local« in Brussels. Besides working on her own projects and collaborations, she is mentoring and visiting lecturer for performative design methodologies, amongst others at Design Academy Eindhoven, and active within several initiatives, such as ENS e.V. (Developmental Policy Network Saxony), Alliance against Racism Saxony and Clean Clothes Campaign. Vivien graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Schneeberg and with a Masters in Social Design from Design Academy Eindhoven.