Encoding Cultures: Nikolaos Aletras | Predicting Judicial Decisions with Artificial Intelligence

Encoding Cultures. Living Amongst Intelligent Machines

Encoding Cultures. Living Amongst Intelligent Machines
Encoding Cultures. Living Amongst Intelligent Machines
27.04.2018 to 28.04.2018

Recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the way with which we think and act. They give an idea of the fundamental changes that will affect our society in the coming years. The interdisciplinary symposium »Encoding Cultures. Living Amongst Intelligent Machines« brought scientists, programmers and developers, cultural theorists and artists into dialogue with a broader public. The lectures and discussions provide insight into the latest state of research and development in the field of machine learning and ask about the current and long-term effects of this technology on science, business, politics, art and society.

Nikolaos Aletras is a Lecturer in Data Science and Social Media at the University of Sheffield, Information School. Previously, he was a scientist at Amazon (Amazon Research Cambridge and Alexa) and a research associate at UCL, Department of Computer Science, Media Futures Group. He completed a master's and a PhD in Natural Language Processing at the University of Sheffield, Department of Computer Science and was an undergraduate student at the University of Crete, Department of Computer Science.

His research interests are in NLP, Machine Learning and Data Science. Specifically, Aletras is interested in applying statistical methods for detecting and interpreting the underlying topics in large volumes of text data. He also developes text analysis methods to solve problems in other scientific areas such as (computational) social and legal science.

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