Experiencing Art through Art
Soun-Gui Kim with Bow and Arrow, black and white
Thu, December 08, 2022 4 pm – 6 pm CET, Workshop
ZKM | Center for Art and Media
Fully booked
Language: German

From 16 years, with registration - limited number of participants! 

In the three-part workshop series "Experiencing Art through Art", we will explore various possibilities of creative engagement with artworks from the exhibition "Lazy Clouds" by artist Soun-Gui Kim. On each of the three dates we will devote ourselves to a creative medium. In free experimentation with the techniques, we will develop unfamiliar approaches to images and engage in new ways of looking at things. The three dates do not build on each other and can be attended independently.

Part 1: Sketching and Drawing
Today we will explore the exhibition by drawing. We will be inspired by artistic techniques as well as stimulating questions about the works. We will give free rein to the associations that run through our heads and allow ourselves to play creatively. Commentary, question or answer - a drawing can be many things.

Material: In addition to the drawing material we will provide, you are welcome to bring your own sketchbook and pens to the workshop.

Registration is possible until 12:00 noon the day before.


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