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Alice Schwarze

© Alice C. Schwarze



eScience postdoctoral fellow

As a researcher at the interface of mathematics, network science, and
biology, Dr. Alice Schwarze conducts research on various topics in
complex systems and data science. She received a Bachelor's degree in
physics and a Master's degree in theoretical physics from Technische
Universitaet Berlin and her DPhil (PhD) in Mathematics from the
University of Oxford. Dr. Schwarze is currently a postdoctoral research
scholar at the Department of Biology and an eScience postdoctoral fellow
at the eScience Institute at the University of Washington, where she is
also the head of the eScience Special Interest Group on »Graphs and
Networks – Theory and Applications«.

Her research on emergence in complex networks has been featured in
several podcasts, including »Too Lazy to Read the Paper« with Prof. Sune
Lehmann, »Pushing the Glass Ceiling« with Mariana Macedo and Ana Maria
Jaramillo, »Knitting Networks« with Alejandro Espinosa-Rada and Dr.
Francisca Ortiz, »Wide Open Air Exchange« with Christine Gallagher.

As the current president of the Women in Network Science society, and
the host of the women in Network Science global seminar, Dr. Schwarze
participates in coordinates various activities aimed at increasing the
representation of women in science. She has served as the lead organizer
for the meeting of women in network science and the meeting on »DynaMo:
Dynamics and motifs« at the 2021 Networks conference.

Dr. Schwarze is an outspoken advocate for simple models and intuitive
visualizations in interdisciplinary research and science communications.
As a science communicator, she has participated in the »Skype a
scientist" program and has worked as a content coordinator for the
»Neuroscience Outreach Network (NeurON)«.


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