next_generation 8.0 LIVE CODING: Konzert VII und VIII
Graphik mit bunten Dreiecken
Sa, 08.06.2019 17:00 Uhr CEST, Konzert

Samstag 8. Juni, 2019

Konzert VII, 17:00 Uhr, Medientheater


HKB Bern

  • Lars Tuchel: to code
  • Manolo Müller: Édon 1-a
    An escape for electronic piano sounds, 7’30“
  • Nora Ringgenberg: Dream and Drive (2018/2019)
    Musicvideo, 5’20’’

  • Michael Bernauer: Faden II

  • Milena Krstic: Display Puppet
    Performance, ca. 10'


SEM Salzburg

  • Valerie Fritz: additional value (2019)
    for violoncello bow and live-electronics, 8-channel
  • Raimonda Žiūkaitė: Extremely Happy to announce (2019)
    for voice and electronics, video

  • Matthias Leboucher: slow burn (2019)
    Fixed media (8-channel)

  • John Hwang: Time Warp (2019)
    Fixed media (8-channel)


SeaM Weimar

  • Jascha Hagen: Music For Metal Strings
    Fixed media (8-channel), 8’
  • Damian Gorandi: So… is coming
    Fixed media (8-channel), 8’


Digital Bauhaus Orchestra:

  • Benjamin Lavastre: Inseln und Flaschen

  • Denis Połeć: Adoleszenz

  • Sergio Valencia & [DBO]: quiet spaces


For the next_generation concert, the [DBO] ensemble consists of the following musicians:

William Amsler: Field recordings, samples, electronics
Clement Demonsant: Laptop, FX
Leon Goltermann: Snaredrum, razor, Various instruments
Jacob Hartung: Daxophone
Mohammad Hossein Javaheri: Cycloop, flute, electronics
Paulina Kiss: Viola, FX
Eleftherios Krysalis: Cretan Lyra, electronics
Jason Langheim: Soundbox, electronics
Stefan Licheri: Exper. guitar, FX
Ronaldas Obukas: Vocals, Large Sheet Metal Plate, electronics​​​​​​​
Denis Połeć: Diffusion, electronics, conducting​​​​​​​
Josephine Prkno: Trumpet, FX
Philipp Schmalfuss: Diffusion, electronics
Yigit Tasdemir: E-Guitar, electronics
Onur Ünal: E-Guitar, electronics
Direction: Tim Helbig

Das Projekt wird gefördert von:
​​​​​​​Thüringer Staatskanzlei, Bauhaus 100 — Anschubfonds der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Kulturdirektion der Stadt Weimar


Samstag 8. Juni, 2019

Konzert VIII, 20:30 Uhr, Kubus


SEM Darmstadt

  • Sabine Abi Saber and Daniela Koch: One big blur 
    A 3D audio space for self-emergence, 3’53’’​​​​​​​
    3D-Audio Direction and Engineering: Sabine Abi Saber and Daniela Koch
  • Joschua Keßler: Bilder im Kopf 
    Radio play (in German), 7’36’’
    Spoken Word Direction: Aleksandar Vejnovic, 3D Audio Direction: Conny Walter, Engineering: Ahmet Seker

  • Maria Camila Muñoz and Diana Rivas: Ananke​​​​​​​
    An abstraction towards fluidity, 3’47’’

  • Natascha Rehberg: Choiregraphy
    Soundscape-composition based performance for 3D-audio environments, 8’


HfMT Hamburg

  • Jan Wegmann: Auf Tuchfühlung – (close contact)
    a conversation for two players (to be held at a piano)​​​​​​​
    Performed by Bernhard Fograscher
  • Tâm Phạm: Red edr dre

  • James Cheung: Bach Runtergegangen
    for viola

  • Dong Zhou: Not My Qipao​​​​​​​
    for a performer and enhanced Qipao
    Performed by Dong Zhou

  • Pedro González Fernández: FLORA
    for guitar, accordion, video and electronics.
    Accordion: Lydia Schmidl


State Conservatory Cuneo

  • Carlo Ambrogio: The Chord Duello​​​​​​​
    for two guitars and modular synthesizer ​​​​​​​
    Guitar: Angelo Martino, Marco Barberis​​​​​​​
    Synthesizer: Carlo Ambrogio
  • Debora Picasso: Nothing more​​​​​​​
    for classical guitar and sound files
    Guitar: Angelo Martino
    Electronics: Debora Picasso

  • Simone Giordano: Abituà (Gestures)
    Fixed media (8-channel)

  • Marco Barberis: Chiari_Diari Paesani (acustica informale)
    for metal plate and live-electronics​​​​​​​
    Metal plate: Michele Cera
    ​​​​​​​Live electronics: Marco Barberis​​​​​​​

Organisation / Institution
ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien