Crisis in Art 1918/2018
Pictorial collage of a seated person with a pink circle in the background
ARD Radio Play Days 2018
Fri, 09.11.2018, 7 pm CET

Live: Radio play by Schwarzwaldlabor

With the end of the First World War, the evil awakening came from a nationalistically fueled war ecstasy. World empires disintegrated. In art, one woke up suddenly from late romantic, harmonious ramifications. Which world empire collapses in 2018? Is it the speculation bubble around Google, Apple or Facebook? Why are many Chinese satisfied with the social credit point system? What tectonics are renewing the global political division into geopolitical blocks? The Black Forest Laboratory confronts old and new socio-political unfoldings from the spirit of controlled improvisation.

With: Christian Claus (Turn Table and Voices), Matthias Ockert (electric guitar and electronics), Franz Ferdinand August Rieks (piano and electronics)
Production: mik (music theatre intégrale karlsruhe)

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