Strömungen: Marcus Schmickler

Symposium zur künstlerischen Sonifikation

Symposium zur künstlerischen Sonifikation
02.12.2016 bis 04.12.2016

»Sonification as material (in the domain of the immaterial)«

The talk discusses music composition based on sonification as a speculative vantage point in the field of arts and science. Much more than the sonified ‘Thing-in-itself’ I’m interested in epistemic aspects occurring in the underlying transfer. The semiotic dichotomy of re-presentation appears as a useful origin for artistic research: How can composers bypass conventions in music while addressing non-musical subjects? How can we compose sonic experience through dealing with sonification? What is the scientific use for non-linguistic information? The utilization of various types of sonification also discloses the relations of intuition and formal processes as it enforces counter-intuitive and unconventional compositional directions.


ZKM | Institut für Bildmedien

Kamera: Frenz Jordt
Schnitt: Frenz Jordt
Liveschnitt: Moritz Büchner