ARTE Film Night – 100 Years of Bauhaus
Figure collage in Bauhaus colours
Sat, January 18, 2020 7.30 pm CET, Film Screening

How did the Bauhaus succeed in becoming the epitome of a radical renewal that was simultaneously social, creative and didactic? ARTE and ZKM cordially invite you to the Film Night as part of the exhibition »The whole world a Bauhaus«, with seven very different ARTE documentaries and magazine articles on the institution Bauhaus. 



7:30 pm              Welcoming and introduction by Peter Weibel
7:45 pm

Karambolage. Der Stil: Bauhaus
Happy Birthday Bauhaus! A contribution to the iconic program Karambolage about the history of the most important German art school of the 20th century.
Magazine report by Volker Saux, ARTE France 2016, 7 min


Das permanente Experiment: László Moholy-Nagy und das Bauhaus
The Hungarian artist was a painter, designer, photographer and professor at the Bauhaus in Dessau. Moholy-Nagy's life and work embody the daring adventure of the avantgarde artist. He was driven by the constant search for new forms of expression as a permanent experiment between art genres.

Documentary by Jens Schmohl, ARTE/BR 1996, 56 min

9 pm

Metropolis: Weiße Linien im Sand – Tel Aviv und das Bauhaus
The »white city« has the world's largest collection of Bauhaus-style buildings and is therefore part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, the Zionist ideal of a better society should be realized. A visit to the Bauhaus Center Gallery shows how much of the Bauhaus is still in Tel Aviv today.

Magazine report by Frauje Schlieckau, ARTE/ZDF 2019, 11 min


Grete Stern, Fotografin, geboren 1904

Grete Stern studied photography in Berlin with Bauhaus photographer Walter Peterhans. She became internationally known in the 1930s for her portraits of Bertold Brecht and Helene Weigel. In 1933 Grete Stern emigrated to London and from there with her husband, the photographer Horatio Copolla, who had also studied at the Bauhaus with Walter Peterhans, to Argentina, where she continued to work as a photographer until 1985.

Documentary by Antonia Lerch, ARTE/ZDF 1993, 52 min

10 pm

Metropolis: Luxusbedarf statt Volksbedarf?
Furniture for everyone and simple functionality instead of decoration – this is the mantra of Bauhaus design. But many objects have not only become design classics, but also expensive luxury objects. Does this do justice to the ideological foundations of the Bauhaus?

Magazine report by Nicole Blacha, ARTE/ZDF 2019, 7 min


Baukunst: Das Bauhaus von Dessau
In 1926 the Bauhaus, as the University of Design, was founded in Dessau. To this day, it is probably Walter Gropius' most famous building with its straight–angled glass facades and flat roofs, a manifesto for an aesthetic of transparency.

Documentary film by Frédéric Compain, ARTE France 2000, 26 min

11 pm

Bauhaus Spirit: Vom Bau der Zukunft

The visionary power of Bauhaus utopia still shines today. The centennial film traces its topicality and impact and tells the history of the school from its foundation in Weimar in 1919, through its dissolution under the pressure of the National Socialists in 1933, to the survival and further development of Bauhaus Modernism at Black Mountain College in North Carolina, in the »white city« Tel Aviv – and of course at the Bauhaus University in Dessau.

Documentary film by Thomas Tielsch and Niels Bolbrinker, ARTE/ZDF 2018, 97 Min.


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