Virtuelle Ausstellungstour:
Black and white graphics with the lettering »Moholy-Nagy« on a white ball.
with Jan Knopf and Teresa Retzer
Wed, July 22, 2020 6 pm CEST, Guided Tour

On a virtual tour through the exhibition, Jan Knopf and Teresa Retzer discuss special films from the extensive range of »«. These are analyzed using the term »MITAHMEN«, coined by Walter Benjamin.

Based on László Moholy-Nagy's film »Berliner Stilleben« (DE 1926), the structured everyday life of the modern metropolis, which varies between objectivity and dynamism in a mass society, will be examined more closely. The special cinematic means, such as the overly technical perspective, the drastic depiction of light and shadow and the non-narrative montage that Moholy-Nagy uses in many of his documentary films, can also be found in his cultural and advertising films and in his experimental works – such as the »Lichtspiel schwarz-weiss-grau« (DE 1930).

In his handling of the new possibilities of film, the artist, as well as other filmmakers in the exhibition, already takes practical and theoretical considerations about film as his point of departure, which in later Hollywood cinema »moved the masses« (Thomas Elsässer). The experts use film examples to illustrate how an increasing influence and mediatization of people through film determines everyday life.

Die Veranstaltung wird von der Telegram-Gruppe begleitet. Wir laden Sie herzlich dazu ein, am Chat der Gruppe teilzunehmen, Fragen zu stellen und Gedanken auszutauschen.

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