Guided Tour through Critical Zones: The Riverside Forest
You can see the reflection of a forest in the water in front of it.
Sun, September 27, 2020 2 pm – 4.30 pm CEST, Guided Tour

The riverside forest in Karlsruhe – a critical zone? Together with the Nature Conservation Center Karlsruhe-Rappenwört we dive into the »Critical Zone« and learn to perceive it more closely during a walk.

Natural floodplains have become very rare in Germany. River straightening, embankments, barrages and other development measures have drastically reduced the floodplain areas and considerably restricted the functions of the floodplains. Alluvial zones are not only indispensable for flood protection. They also filter the water, contribute to the drinking water supply and bind the climate-relevant CO2. Furthermore, a large number of rare animal and plant species live in the floodplains; and the floodplains also form an important recreational area for people, especially here, on the densely populated Upper Rhine. The unique and Europe-wide endangered floodplain forests can only exist here. As an element that connects people across borders, they are indispensable for the biotope network. The great importance of the Upper Rhine floodplains is also confirmed by their designation as a German-French UNESCO Ramsar area.

Experience this special habitat during a walk on the island of Rappenwört and learn more about the origin, uniqueness and endangerment of our Rheinauen. In an exchange of ideas with the exhibition »Critical Zones. Observatories for Earthly Politics« we will practice observing closely. We will also go »underground« and look at how the floodplain soil, the basis for the growth of vegetation, is composed. 

The event will also take place in case of rain. Please bring weatherproof clothing and closed shoes. 


Naturschutzzentrum Karlsruhe-Rappenwört
Hermann-Schneider-Allee 47
76189 Karlsruhe

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