Landing Game – A discussion game by Clim'Ability Design
Graphic for the exhibition »Critical Zones« at the ZKM Karlsruhe. In orange you can read »Critical Zones«, above a beige abstract map.
Relying on local collective intelligence in the face of climate change
Fri, November 05, 2021 2 pm – 7 pm CET, Workshop
Media Lounge
Languages: German, English

Limited number of participants!

The Landing Game is a discussion game by Clim'Ability Design that explores the future of the critical zones of the Upper Rhine region. During 3 hours and under the guidance of the Jardin des Sciences of the University of Strasbourg, companies, researchers, associations, citizens and other actors from the Upper Rhine region are invited to discuss possible options for action in the face of climate change.

As the seasons change, the landscape of the Upper Rhine is changing before our eyes. We have to realize that the effects of climate change will be more than noticeable in the near future. The Landing Game, a discussion game by Clim'Ability Design, dives into this scenario and explicitly incorporates the individual expertise and experiences of the workshop participants.

During the game, participants have to set priorities, use resources, but also cope with unforeseen events in order to jointly develop options for action in the face of the consequences of climatic changes in the Upper Rhine. The Landing Game aims to facilitate the exchange between different actors with a common basis in the Upper Rhine. Thus, companies, researchers, local authorities, associations and citizens are invited to use the game as a dialogue tool to elaborate and consolidate common ways of adapting to climate change in the Upper Rhine.

The workshop will take place in conjunction with the exhibition »Critical Zones«. After a personal tour through the exhibition, we will gather in the ZKM media lounge to explore the future of critical zones in the Upper Rhine. At the end of the game, the results will be presented in an open discussion round with architects, climatologists, designers, sociologists and urban planners.

Followed by presentation and discussion of the results with

Prof. Dr. Daniel Fetzner, architect, designer, Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, member of the HfG Study Group in preparation for the exhibition »Critical Zones«, De-Globalize + Clim'Ability Design

Prof. Dr. Florence Rudolf, risk and environmental sociologist, city and urban studies

Insa Strasbourg, member of the HfG Study Group in preparation of the exhibition »Critical Zones« and scientific coordinator of Clim'Ability and Clim'Ability Design

Sophie Roy, Climatologist, Météo France

Dr. Lionel Charles, philosopher

Le Landing Game. Un jeu de discussion Clim'Ability Design

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