Terrestrial University: Basic Principles of Climate Change
A world map with the average temperature change compared to 1986-2005
A Lecture by Prof. Dr. Julia Pongratz
Thu, June 11, 2020 7 pm CEST, Talk

Prof. Dr. Julia Pongratz holds the Chair of Physical Geography and Land Use Systems at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich. The climate researcher will talk about the basics of climate change, the interactions between land use and climate as well as the transfer and implementation of climate friendly policies in ones daily life.

In the second event of the Terrestrial University, Prof. Dr. Julia Pongratz will introduce the scientific basis of climate change and the social and political actions underlying it. Thus, questions will be asked such as: How do we know that the current climate change is due to humans? How accurate are the results of climate models? Can we still achieve the 2 degree target? What is the significance of »negative emission technologies«? The lecture presents the current status of research on these and other important questions on climate change and invites to a joint discussion.

Terrestrial University

The climate researcher's priorities include land use changes and the potential of negative emission technologies. She is also a member of the Scientific Steering Committee of two future Earth projects: the »Global Carbon Project«, in which she also coordinates the estimates of land use emissions for the annual global carbon budget, and »AIMES« (»Analysis, Integration & Modelling of the Earth System«), in which she chairs the newly founded working group on the interactions between humans and the Earth and the Earth System. Julia Pongratz also heads the joint research group »Land Use in the Earth System« at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology.

After the 30 to 40 minute lecture, there will be an opportunity to ask questions to Julia Pongratz via our telegram group (zkm_criticalzones).

The event will be held in German language.

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