Eau de Karlsruhe – Cyprès
Three cypresses are suspended in polygonal constructions in the air in the foyer of EnBW Karlsruhe.
Installation by Fabien Léaustic
Fri, July 24, 2020 – Fri, January 15, 2021

The installation »Eau de Karlsruhe - Cyprès« by Fabien Léaustic shows the connection between nature and technology. It is presented on the occasion of the ZKM exhibition »Critical Zones« in the foyer of the EnBW Karlsruhe.

The protest movement »Fridays for Future« has once again brought the climate crisis into the public consciousness. Art, as a mirror of society, is also intensively engaged with it. A contemporary work will now be on display in the foyer of the EnBW on Durlacher Allee, the installation »Eau de Karlsruhe – Cyprès« by the French artist and scientist Fabien Léaustic. The impressive exhibit consists of electric lamps and real cypresses and »grows« as a living ecosystem over two floors in the foyer of the EnBW headquarters. Nature in the form of the living cypresses and technology in the form of electric light are combined. With his »ecosystem«, the artist demonstrates the symbiotic relationship between natural and artificial elements. For just as the cypresses in this installation cannot grow without artificial light, so too man, culture and nature are interrelated.

»Eau de Karlsruhe« is part of the ZKM exhibition »Critical Zones«, which deals with the critical situation of the earth in a variety of ways and explores new forms of coexistence.

The installation »Eau de Karlsruhe – Cyprès« will be shown from July 24 to January 15 at the EnBW headquarters, Durlacher Alle 93, 76131 Karlsruhe.

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