Guided Tour through Critical Zones: Open Data
There are seven large flat screens on edge. The screens show aerial photographs of the sea.
Sat, October 24, 2020 5.30 pm CEST, Guided Tour

How can we better understand the critical zone? How can we understand the numerous processes that make up its fragile equilibrium, often invisible to us?

Together with the OK Lab Karlsruhe, we are exploring freely accessible environmental data that can help us to observe and describe the critical zone. In this webinar we will look at what environmental data exists and how it is collected. Last but not least, we will learn how to read open environmental data and how we can contribute to its collection. As shown in the exhibition »Critical Zones. Observatories for Earthly Politics« it is clear that in order to preserve the Critical Zone that we and all other life forms on Earth are highly dependent on, we need to understand it much better. Open data are indispensable for this!

Your digital requirements: Internet access, video conferencing capability (computer camera and microphone)

+ The access data for the zoom conference will be sent to you in good time before the start of the workshop. +

The guides will be speaking German.


You can telephone us Monday to Tuesday, 1 pm–6 pm as well as Wednesday to Friday , 9 am–1 pm.

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