How to Fund Your Company
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Thu, October 26, 2017 2 pm CEST, Workshop

Thinking about founding a Start-up, or you just did it? As part of the »PyCon.DE 2017 & PyData Karlsruhe conference«, taking place at ZKM from October 25–27, 2017, visitors of the »Open Codes« exhibition are invited to attend the workshop »How to Fund Your Company« with Ingo Stegmaier. 

This workshop will give you an overview about the features and set up needed to start a company and to run it successfully. Furthermore, we will discuss how the financing of a start-up can be structured and what financing method can be used. Together we identify the idealtypical company vs. real life problems every founder is faced with. The structure of the workshop will be as follows:

  • Start-up ecosystem
  • Setting up a company:
  • Ideal company set up:
    • Team structure
    • Organization
    • Business model
    • Possibilities of support (also financially) by the government
    • The perfect pitch
  • Real life challenges:
    • Analysis of a company that is struggling
    • Speed
    • Infrastructure
    • Resources
    • Employees
    • Organization and processes
  • Start-up Financing
    • Friends, Fools and Family (FFF)
    • Business Angels
    • Venture Capitalists
    • Banks
    • Structured Finance

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