A man during his performance at the keyboards, behind him a big canvas with text being screened on it.
Love, Drugs, Music, Art in the times of digital control
Sat, May 05, 2018 3 pm CEST, Performance

Film performance by Stefan Römer with reading, video und live-soundscapes.

We live on the screens of networked computers. Thinking is increasingly controlled post-panoptically by apps. Is there a side beyond the digital network system? What does »beyond« mean anyway? Are Cut-up and Hacking current political means? The performance »ReCoder« experimentally introduces a film, still to be produced.

The protagonist Reco discovers the underground film »Decoder« (1984), from which she learns the technique of sound cut-up. She deals with the question of whether the current symbolic system could be converted using art, music and poetry, in the sense of post colonial and post panoptical physical and cultural practices. Under the new socio-medial conditions, it is necessary to check the subject and vocabulary for an emancipatory rebellion: is a cocktail of art, drugs, sex and theory helpful?

Stefan Römer has made sound performances since the mid 1980s; he makes live sounds, and mixes text collages and videos.



Organization / Institution
ZKM | Karlsruhe

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