That nature! – is naturally (and) everywhere!
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Wed, December 19, 2018 2 pm – 6 pm CET, Meet-Up

Understanding dynamic processes, perceiving (life)space, describing appearance! The Meet-Up »EcoID: Landscape as Urban Identity« by »arch.lab« (platform for research in teaching at the KIT Faculty of Architecture) invites you to decode ecosystems.

Methods are developed and tested which translate the different, specific ecosystems into design parameters and make nature applicable as a describable system for the planning process in the urban context.

In the laws and powers of nature, the natural sciences and philosophies, natural spectacles and natural disasters, natural talents and natural lads. The linguistic and thematic diversity of nature is diverse – only nature itself, despite organic hype, is becoming less and less biodiverse. But what is this nature? Can this nature be coded? What exactly do we mean when we talk about this nature in urban planning and open space concepts?

Organization / Institution
arch.lab Forschungsfelder - Fachgebiet Landschaftsarchitektur KIT

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