CryptoKitties – Bringing Blockchain to Life
The picture shows a so-called cryptokitty and a DNA helix.
Sat, September 01, 2018 7 pm CEST, Talk

How do new technologies affect our interaction with the world around us? And how can art and Blockchain go hand in hand? During the opening weekend of »Open Codes«, artist Guilherme Twardowski, Evan Keast and Renan Sgorlom will present the artwork »cryptoART Playground« and discuss these questions. 

The multimedia artwork »cryptoART Playground«, which will be shown in the second phase of »Open Codes«, is a living real-time visualization of the mysterious world of technologies that powers both crypto currencies and digital cats – the so-called »CryptoKitties«. The exhibit showcases the intricacies of the process behind creating each CryptoKitty.

Blockchain has the potential to change our perception of digital art by overcoming the challenge of digital ownership and empowering digital scarcity. A continued symbiotic relationship between art and blockchain will lead us towards a brighter future for digital art.

While Blockchain is not yet accessible to everyone, CryptoKitties manage to bring Blockchain to life and make it accessible to a wider audience.

Please note: The presentation will be held in English. 

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