After Work
Installation view »The World as a Field of Data«
Thu, January 03, 2019 7 pm – 7.30 pm CET, Guided Tour

Every Thursday evening, the Open Codes exhibition invites visitors to join the Open Thursdays event for some after hours programming!

No registration required, for individuals and families - limited number of participants!

This includes a special kind of public instruction - short but sweet in 30 minutes, sometimes as a duet between a computer geek and an art expert, and always in the form of an in-depth dialogue that addresses one of the artworks from the exhibition.
The shared objective is to look into a specific work, understand its individual code and start the evening feeling inspired.


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You can telephone us Monday to Tuesday, 01 pm – 06 pm as well as Wednesday to Friday , 09 am – 01 pm.

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