Amazon Justice. A creative Booksprint
Nocturnal house corner with neon lighting
Thu, April 18, 2019 – Sun, April 21, 2019, Workshop

At the beginning, there was the idea of a book about a future in which Amazon owns the justice system and makes it available to citizens as a service. Utopia? Dystopia?

Richard Krutisch, the creator of the idea, provided us a plot that is neutral at first and can be interpreted and played within different ways. In 3.5 days, a book or an anthology will be created in which stories, perhaps even a novel, comics, drawings and other creative ideas on this topic can be placed together and developed in a short time. Does it work? You might ask yourself ...

Agile Booksprint is an open, collegial method of writing and publishing books together in a short term. The participants themselves decide on topics, formats and type of publication – they form the editorial team. One or more facilitators ensure that the necessary conditions are in place for making creative work possible. They accompany and support, but do not specify how and on what work has to be done. Christian Hoffstadt and Richard Krutisch will accompany you on site.


Donnerstag, 18.04.
15–22 Uhr
Ackerspace (Kick-Off)
Freitag, 19.04.
13–18 Uhr
Samstag, 20.04.
11–18 Uhr
Sonntag, 21.04.
11-18 Uhr

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