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Sat, March 30, 2019 11 am – 5 pm CET

Since 2009 the distribution of Bitcoin has benn constantly increasing. The concept of digital currencies offers alternatives to traditional currency systems independent of banks and national borders. The »Kryptolab« offers insight into the use of cryptographic currencies. 

How do crypto currencies work and how do you use them? In the framework of the "Open Codes" exhibition, the underlying techniques will be explained using practical examples and can be tryed out first-hand.

If you want to actively participate, you should bring your own laptop or at least a smartphone. In three blocks distributed over the day, the following areas will be dealt with:

Block 1

11:15 am–1pm   


  • theoretical basics of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies

  • what tools do I need to use Bitcoin?

  • introduction to safe handling and the risks involved

  • media hype and realistic contemplation

Block 2

2- 3:45 pm   

practical work

  • assistance in setting up the necessary tools on your own hardware

  • trying out transactions yourself

  • how to turn Bitcoin into Ethereum?

  • safe keeping: Hardware Wallet, Paper Wallet

Block 3

4- 5 pm 

Smart Contracts, Tokens, Cryptoart?                  

  • about Cryptokitties and Punks                               

  • art in Blockchain

  • distributed Applications (DApps)


You can telephone us Monday to Tuesday, 01 pm – 06 pm as well as Wednesday to Friday , 09 am – 01 pm.

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe

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