Nine people standing side by side. The surrounding space is completely white. Their heads are real, the clothing was generated in the colors black, gray, white and red by computer. Each body is associated with a letter.
Fashion and Book Bazaar at the Exhibition Open Codes
Thu, April 04, 2019 5 pm – 10 pm CEST

At the beginning of spring, the ZKM invites its visitors to a special event at the »Open Codes« exhibition: On one of the long #OpenThursdays an #openDRESSCODE bazaar takes place. 

In addition to machine-based codes, we would like to set a monument to social and interpersonal codes and organize a selected after-work clothing and book bazaar in a spring-like atmosphere. Our library will provide a selection of books and the ZKM team will have its most beautiful discarded clothes, bags, wardrobe corpses, mispurchases and unworn jewellery for you.

At the end, all income will be donated for digital purpose. 

So if you are looking for your spring outfit or want to develop new trend codes, our bazaar is a great opportunity! 

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media

Accompanying program