The Algorithm Design
The lettering »Open Codes« in magenta against a background of code.
Thu, December 07, 2017 – Fri, December 08, 2017, Workshop

This workshop, taking place within the scope of the »Open Codes« exhibition in collaboration with the artist platform RYBN.ORG, is a paper-and-pen programming atelier, that proposes to question the core basics of the computational logic.

 Accelerated by the development of Internet, the spread of personal computers and the rise of social networks, the computational logic has taken over the world like a virus, reshaping the way we interact with each other, and colonizing our very own subjectivities.

However, when the computational logic is pushed to its very own limits, and confronted to the overwhelming complexity of the world, it creates absurd, uncanny and abherant situations. The workshop takes advantage of this inner contradiction, and invites the participants to conduct a speculative exercise to imagine contradictory forms, absurd machines and schemes that would repel the rational systems to the point where their uncanniness reveals in full light.

To understand the changes at work, the workshop aims to introduce basic knowledge regarding the logics that governs computing, algorithms, machine learning and neural networks, by using only the most simple means: paper and pens. The workshop takes the form of a discussion, and of a drawing atelier, where participants are invited to design algorithms that will be executed by the other participants. Starting from very simple instructions, the design will increase its level of detail and complexity, and incorporate in the process fundamental know-how of programming syntax. In the process, people will also learn to disrupt and mislead the computing based systems.

The workshop will follow the extra-disciplinary method, without requesting prior knowledge of programming in order to allow the participation of everyone, from any background. Participants from various fields are invited to participate, from art, dance, theater, design, computing, maths, physics, or social sciences, etc ... Participants can bring their computer if they want to – computers being not mandatory in the workshop case.

Please note: The workshop will be held in English. 


Organization / Institution
ZKM | Karlsruhe

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