Earth 5.0
Earth 5.0: Provoke the future
Why digitization means we do not need a second planet
Thu, October 25, 2018 6 pm CEST, Reading

Is digitization saving the earth? Karl-Heinz Land answers with a clear »yes«, without ignoring the critical, above all ethical questions. The keynote speech is based on his book »Erde 5.0 - die Zukunft provozieren«, published in July 2018. 

An end to population growth is not in sight. But can the nutrition of around eleven billion people not only be guaranteed in the future, but even improved in quality? Can we end hunger and poverty and at the same time calm the climate? Karl-Heinz Land is certain: This works if the global trend of dematerialization and digitization are intelligently combined.

Would you like some examples? With the help of the platform economy and Big Data, the distribution of food can be organized faster and more fairly. In addition, artificial intelligence and robotics lead to highly productive yet ecologically compatible agriculture. The trend towards a share economy will change consumer behavior and thus imply a sparing use of resources. Autonomous and intelligent vehicles massively reduce the need for cars. In combination with innovative drives, harmful emissions are reduced. As a new infrastructure of prosperity, the Internet of Things opens up access to capital and markets, education and medical care, even in the remotest areas of the world. 

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